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This book guides you with humor on the path towards living True Love. I highly recommend it. John Gray Ph.D. author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Do you want to learn to flirt effectively and explore your sexuality? Do you want to experience love and eroticism in a happy relationship? #1 European bestseller Voted by readers as one of the top 10 wellbeing books for 2015 Are you tired of getting into romantic relationships that go nowhere? Do you believe there isn’t anyone out there for you, and it isn’t even worth trying? True Love Does Exist. It’s up to you to unlock the 7 secrets, one by one. They can help you find your perfect partner and the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. Jill Douka, the highly sought after internationally-renowned speaker and the #1 bestselling author of Create Love: 7 Secrets To Manifest Your Perfect Match, had experienced a myriad of adventures before she met her husband, Nikolas Ouranos, co-author of this book, founder of the Academy of Relationships and in demand marriage mentor. This book is a manual for you; use it as a guide to finding and experiencing True Love. Jill and Nikolas describe the steps they had to take in order to discover their real, true selves and manifest each other.



How often have you felt stress wearing you down?
How often have you backed out of a decision of vital importance?
How often have you wondered if you possess the strength to change your life for the better?

How often have you felt helpless, been in pain, or been disappointed because you were stuck in a situation?
30 days can make a difference in your life.
You hold the 3 keys to happiness in your hands. All you have to do is use them!
The authors of the #1 international best seller Create Love are here to support you. NOW you have the chance to make your dreams come true!